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Registration fees for participation in the Srpska Dance Open are paid to a foreign currency account after the registration of all competitors and choreography has been completed. 

With the request of the club representative, it is also possible to pay when checking in and picking up the starting numbers. 

Dancers, competing in more categories, pay entry fees for each category in which they compete.

Entry fee must be paid no later than the registration deadline; payments should be made to the following bank account: (will be announced)


Entry Fee

SOLO: 35,00 EUR (per performance)

DUO / TRIO: 25,00 EUR (per dancer – per performance)

GROUP: 20,00 EUR (per dancer – per performance)

FORMATION / PRODUCTION: 15,00 EUR (per dancer – per performance)


Entrance Fee

ADULTS 1 day: 10,00 EUR

CHILDREN (primary school 7 – 15 years old): 5,00 EUR per day

CHILDREN (under 7 years): free entrance

Tickets for the audience and visitors will be available on the days of the competition, in the hall.